Saturday, 23 March 2019

Welcome to Spring :)

Page of Swords

Upright: As a person - Can be a younger guy with darker hair, has new ideas, ,wanting to know about everything, communication, clever... Can be an incoming message that you might not want to hear...can be gossip too.

Friday, 15 March 2019

March 17th, 2019 St. Patrick's Day

The "Lovers" card

I've written about this card before, its pretty much the card of love, relationships, soul mates, sex, choices, and getting married. I had a question presented to me the other day from a reading with an overall negative tone, and the person wanted to know a bit more so we pulled a clarifying card. "The Lovers" came up making things even more confusing...I read reversals, but this wasn't reversed. I wanted to see if there was any other meanings, and all I could figure out is if you didn't read reversals and you got this card in a more 'negative toned reading' it might mean,"I really really love you"!!!! I mean as in obsessing..
*Without going into too much detail for obvious reasons, the question was sort of about why a family member wasn't contacting other family members anymore...(and indeed it was later revealed there was often obsessiveness, when this family member was involved in love relationships).

Friday, 8 March 2019


Went to the library today to grab a few things, and by accident I picked up a recorded book...I don't usually like a no visual, but its narrated by the author, and he paints a really good picture in your mind.(I closed my eyes so I could listen better). The author is a neurosurgeon and he came very close to dying from some rare illness, its very interesting and a good "life" story. Its a scientists case for the afterlife..."Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, M.D. Check it out....

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Eight (8) of Swords

 Pink Aquarian Tarot Deck

(In General)-Eight of Swords-Trapped in some situation, closed off, trapped in a bad relationship, trapped in a terrible job, negative thoughts, the victim...afraid to move forward...

Friday, 15 February 2019


I'm a  fan of Fleetwood Mac and have always been interested in their story. I have been into astrology for a while (simple/basic stuff), but I wanted to find out what the connection was with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, from an astrological angle, cause they have an unusual relationship. I think Stevie Nicks and Lindsey maybe met too early in life. Stevie's Mom is quoted as saying that Lindsey was Stevie's first boyfriend. They were together about 7 years from age 19, I think( in the 70's). So they almost rekindled it in 2000, but he found out his then girlfriend was pregnant apparently. It's like fate has always put a monkey wrench into things for them. Strangest thing, like they are meant for each other, but cant quite do it. I'm not sure if that's soul mates..or a "karmic thing".

Stevie Nicks was born on May 26, 1948(3:02 am) in Phoenix, Arizona 
Stevie's "sun is in Gemini" in the second house. The sun in Gemini loves to listen to and tell stories, it loves to share all that it learns. The second house deals with self worth, so she developed her singing and writing skills to compensate, to feel worthy.
Uranus conjunct mercury in the third house in Gemini suggest a lot of disruptive changes in the early environment, and we can see from her bio she moved lots. 
Stevie has "Aries rising" with sun square mars. She's a warrior, I'm sure this drove her to success and helped her overcome many obstacles, but also probably got her into a little bit of trouble also.(may also be competitive).
 Her mars is in the fifth house of creativity, so her music and art work provided her with an outlet for this energy.
The "moon is in Capricorn" in the tenth house so she finds security in her career. She probably also acts in a motherly(moon) fashion towards her band mates. This also suggest that her Mom was a major influence on her and her career(they were very close its reported). This elevated moon gives her great ambition.

She makes one final move with her family in 1965 from Los Angeles to Atherton, California. One Wednesday evening(circa 1965) she attends a gathering of young people and sees a young man sitting on the floor playing the guitar and singing "California Dreaming" by the Mamma's and the Pappa's......

-Lindsey Buckingham was born on October 3, 1949(1:53am) in Palo Alto, California the youngest of 3 children.  He started playing guitar at a young age and he developed a unique finger picking style along the lines of folk and blue grass (I think he learned on a banjo), but he is rock and roll .

Looking at Lindsey's chart the ascendant/mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo. Sue Tompkins says this about Mars/Pluto "Fighting to the death, the fight for survival,compulsive winning, assertion of power, sexual power, buried rage."

You will find that a lot of Lindsey's lyrics are about power and winning. Having the Mars/Pluto combo on the ascendant(conditions at birth) probably meant that his birth was a "fight for survival". He wound up turning that energy into a positive thing through his music. As you can probably imagine with that powerful ascendant, Lindsey is a great live performer(Leo rising).

His "sun is in Libra" conjunct Neptune and mercury, square Uranus in the third house of skills and communication. Libra is the sign of the artist, and romantic ideas. Neptune is about the ideal plane so it is very easy for sun/Neptune to fall into it's shadow side of escape through drugs and alcohol etc., but it also gives great artistic potential and a bright imagination.

Sun square Uranus(11th house) and the moon in Aquarius trine Uranus adds electricity and genius to Lindsey's profile. Uranus rules music ..
So the universe brings Lindsey and Stevie together around 1965. They go onto form the band Fritz in the late 60's. Interestingly they don't become romantically involved until after that band breaks up in 1971. They become a romantic couple as well as a musical couple forming the duo Buckingham Nicks. They release an album in 1973 but nothing comes of it. Then on new year's eve 1974 Mick Fleetwood ask Lindsey to join Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey says that he and Stevie are a "package deal", Mick agrees to this package and the rest as they say is history. Later  Stevie is the one to get Lindsey Buckingham kicked out of Fleetwood Mac 2018..go figure, hey :(  Lindsey said that cut pretty deep at first being kicked out of Fleetwood Mac, but now he is handling it. I wonder how much he is really handling it, cause  

if this heart health issue thing he just had is for real, things went a lot deeper than he is admitting to IMO.
   Also the heart operation has some how messed with his vocal chords.

 Anyways,they sold millions of records, made millions of dollars and become "legends". They went through a messy break up(in 1977) while the band was on top of the world. Lindsey eventually takes leave of the band for a stretch to work on solo stuff. Stevie has a great solo career also. Now into 2006 and Stevie and Lindsey were back making music together, it goes back and forth a lot with them.

I'm thinking there has to be some kind of indication of these two people's lives becoming so intertwined astrologically, and I found it in the angles and the nodes.- Jon Layton

Lindsey's north node(16 Aries) is conjunct Stevie's ascendant(18 Aries). Stevie's north node(13 Taurus) is conjunct Lindsey's mid heaven(10 Taurus). Stevie's Saturn(planet of karma) falls exactly on Lindsey's ascendant/mars/Pluto conjunction(17 Leo).-Jon Layton quote

The way I read it is, they were married in a past life(s)(descendant,IC south nodes) and this time they had to work it out in front of the world(ascendant mid heaven north nodes). Taurus suggest that this time around Lindsey is gaining self worth by learning to rely on his own resources rather than other people. Aries suggest that Stevie needed to become her own individual person outside of a relationship(a star).-John Layton

*I think they tried to get back together as a couple because of the south node familiarity but the universe was prodding them toward their north nodes and evolutionary growth. 
I think there is a real connection with these two, but its all over the map. Its like that saying,"There is a thin line between love and hate" (they have had some wicked fights, that have lead to some great song lyrics). Those emotions love and hate, can also lead from one to the other. A person can love someone and once that person hurts them deeply, it causes them to hate the person. Hating someone can also lead to love with time and patience. 

Anyways just been reading up on these two, and thought it interesting.