Tuesday, 15 October 2019


More on Boleskine House

Some time ago I wrote a bit on Boleskine House in Scotland, where many odd things have happened (deaths, fire, black magic etc.) and once was owned by Aleister Crowley(occultist), and at another time by Jimmy Page(Led Zeppelin). 
I had heard that it caught fire once again, and I believe some folks are going to restore it...It is in a beautiful setting SE side of Loch Ness.
I was nosing around the Internet and saw that a group called "Highland Paranormal" had gone to have a look around the area of Boleskine House, and the graveyard near by. I thought I would write to the group to ask if they had used K2 meters or EVP , and what the results were. Liam from the group said they found no paranormal activity, and had used KII, EMF meter, audio and camera devices. He also said,"While no activity was recorded at the house, A previous investigation of the graveyard did result in some interesting EVPs. I will see if i can post his sound clouds he sent me... https://m.soundcloud.com/highland-paranormal

I guess the group must have been up having a look at Boleskine again back in 2016 when there was increased reports of paranormal activity happening in the area. The place had burned down and this was 4 months later, and they said it was so odd to see smoke rising from the chimney...No Kidding!

Anyways I guess these guys have a face book page called, "Highland Ghosts", so I think I'm going to have to check that out soon! 
Thank you to Liam of Highland Paranormal.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Autumn Spice Spread-Four Tarot cards

Card 1. Sugar: when/where to be sweet.
Card 2. Spice: when/where to be honest. 
                    Card 3. Everything nice: something for you to enjoy.
                                              Card 4.  -Snips, snails & puppy dog tails-Something to look out for in the future .🎃

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Maybe an Answer about the Monument at Saddle Rock, BC

 I have been told a few stories for around the area of Saddle Rock, BC.
Mostly the stories are about the Gold Rush in the Fraser Canyon about 1858, which resulted in a Fraser Canyon war with the miners and the First Nations people.
I also heard about a Paddle Wheeler that broke up in the area, also around about that time too. Another story is of Chinese folks that helped build the railway, and of which many died trying to build tunnels, which caved in on them etc...
In modern day time there was an abduction of a young woman from Surrey, who's life ended in that area as well. I checked on line and this was not that ladies memorial that I saw.
However there is one story that I think fits, and it goes like this-part courtesy of- Tourism Fraser Canyon(from convo on Facebook-sorry its in capitals)
It could be an Indigenous burial marker to represent the hundreds of ancestors that were buried just a few feet over where the tracks are now, when CP built their rail through the canyon in the 1890’s. they blasted through the burial ground, luckily locals were able to salvage some of the remains and bury them in the new grave site, but hundreds are unaccounted for. So a lone grave marker stands to represent them all. I know the old markers were vandalised, and a new one was resurrected in the past few years.

*Me: I tend to think this might be the case, as where the monument was, was very close to the railway tracks. I'm not so sure Cp or CN Railway would let anyone put a monument that close, unless it was themselves. Also, there was no commentary to what it was as we passed by, which seemed odd, as they were naming many other things over the intercom as we passed by..
Boy, you would think that would cause a little unrest with all those souls...For those interested, here is more info on the surrounding area. Its a pretty interesting place-https://www.fraserriverkeeper.ca/ghosts_of_hells_gate

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Mystery about a monument near Saddle Rock, BC


On my train trip through the Fraser Canyon, B.C., I saw the weirdest thing pretty close to the train tracks, and what I remember looked like a drop off. It was a monument or a grave like in above photo, but in the middle of no where. It looked sort of similar to this one in the photo, but with a smaller gold cross on top. The monument itself was beige in color, and I think had green writing, but with that gold cross on top. They never announced anything on the train intercom about what it was, and it looked pretty new. I wrote to Via rail, CN, Yale tourist site, Valemount tourist site, and anywhere I could think of ,and no one knows anything...hmmmm.  I checked about train derailments in the area, but none resulted in deaths to have a monument. There has been some things happen around that area back in the 1800's , but not sure if that's what its for either. Its a pretty remote spot, but maybe someone was hit by a train coming back from fishing or something. I hear the Fraser river can get really loud and drown out sounds of a train chugging along. That's probably why the train now seemed to toot it's horn so much to warn people, and a sound I hear in my head days after I took the train. There was one  person I contacted, that has to do with the haunted train station story below. I thought as they live some what near the area where I saw this, they might know. I contacted Mark Fuson of ghostguards.com , but he didn't know, but had some cool ideas about some history things that happened around the area.  Mark offered to go an try to find the monument for me, but with no luck.. Its sure strange that there would be something like that, but no one knows anything. It stands out like a sore thumb, its in such a weird spot!  Here is a photo of how it looks around that area-compliments of Mark Fuson

I'd like to thank Mark Fuson for taking the time out for trying to help me find this monument/grave looking thing. If you ever need paranormal investigators, they do upper Fraser Valley, B.C. and Beyond...at https://www.ghostguards.com/    If I ever find out what that was a monument to, I will let you know...

Monday, 9 September 2019

Boston Bar-Hells Gate-Fraser Canyon train station haunting etc

Just in time for the spookiest night of the year, a group of paranormal investigators visited an abandoned and purportedly haunted Fraser Canyon railway station in B.C. 
“Some of the contractors who have been getting the station ready for its renovation were  creeped out by unseen forces. It felt as though they were being watched,” investigator Mark Fuson said at the start of a 30-minute video set in the CN Station House in Boston Bar.
Invited by the Boston Bar North Bend Enhancement Society, Fuson and fellow investigator D.Phillips visited the house three times.
Built in 1914 and abandoned for over two decades, the building even hosted Princess Elizabeth on her royal tour of B.C. in October 1951. The enhancement society has been preparing restore the building, turning it into a museum, cafe and washroom stop for Canyon visitors.
Howard Johnson, a member of the society’s board, said he has both seen, heard and felt ghosts, or ‘spirits’ in the parlance of paranormal investigators, in the building. A skeptic at first, he said his sighting of a woman dressed in early 1900s attire and another apparition touching his arm have turned him into a believer.
Johnson joked that haunting's are always good for business. And with the amount of history the building holds, there is more than enough ghost lore to go around.
The luggage bay was at times a temporary storage space for bodies of the deceased. One ghost in the basement was called ‘Harry’ by those who worked in the station when it was a cafe for railway workers, a few of whom refused to go downstairs.
On his first visit to the station, Fuson said he experienced something very uncommon. I heard a noise that seemed to say ‘behind you’. Normally these sounds are picked up on a voice recorder and heard during playback, this time it was audible to the human ear.
Prior to this, Johnson had been telling him about the lore of the building. “The people that used to work there said ‘if you don’t look behind you when you leave, they will follow you home’,” Fuson said.

Intrigued by the first visit, the investigators returned twice during which the team experienced much of their equipment malfunctioning —batteries draining, files corrupting, machines go off unexpectedly. A trail camera Fuson had left behind was one example.
“When I returned to pick up the trail cam on the second floor, the one that I had leaned on the wall was found face down, batteries drained and all the files corrupted. I can’t explain it,” 
he said.
A K2 meter, which measures spikes in electromagnetic activity, went off during a visit to the basement despite there being no electricity inside the building.
Numerous light anomalies, also known as orbs, were seen in the video. These semi-translucent circles of light are evidence of spirits according to some investigators.
When on their third visit the investigators asked whether the spirit present wanted them there, they received what sounded like a ‘no’. This and other electronic voice phenomena (EVP) were caught on tape.
Enhancement society board member Robert Dufresne said the confirmation of the paranormal  an added feature for the building. Work is now ongoing to get grant funding for a $1.4-million restoration to its former glory.
The Boston Bar investigation is the start of a series for the Hope-based Ghost Guards group — Fuson, Phillips and other part-time investigators. They are seeking more cases in Hope, Agassiz and Chilliwack, offering their ‘free public service’ through * - ghostguards.com

Here is a link to more on that story:https://www.theprogress.com/news/watch-paranormal-team-investigates-haunted-fraser-canyon-train-station/